Friday, August 10, 2012


Here is the real life view from the famous Las Vegas sign.  I have lived here for over 10 years and never took a pic there until now. 
Then we went to the stratosphere.  There is a great restaurant and lounge at the top.  Tourist tip: 107 Lounge has happy hour ½ off appetizers and buy 1 get 1 free martinis from 4-7 pm (I think martinis must be the same flavor though).  You get to see the sunset over las vegas and enjoy nummy food.  I recommend the chicken pops and angus sliders for food and the cucumber and chocolate martini for drink.  The restaurant spins (the lounge doesn’t) so you get 360 degree views of the whole vegas strip every 2 hours. 
There are a load of rides there, one which shoots you up, a roller coaster looking one, one where you spin over the strip.  Their newest attraction is falling 108 floors down, here’s a pic of a guy doing that.  If you’re not into jumping, you can just watch them from the bottom where they have lounge chairs set up.  If I get my passport in on time, I’m totally jumping.  If I stop posting in a few weeks, you’ll know what happened. 
Ilk resim Las Vegas’a hosgeldiniz tablosu.  Burada on yildan fazala yasadim ama daha orada resim cektirmemistim.  
Sonra Stratosphere gazinosuna gittik.  En ustde 107 lounge bar var, oglen saat 4-7 arasi appetizerler yarim fiyat martinilerde bir al oburu bedava.  Gunesin batmasinida seyredebilirsiniz.  Altdaki restorant donuyor, butun Las Vegas’I 2 saatde yukaridan gorebilirsiniz. 
Stratospherein ustunde bir suru heycanli yapilacak seyler var.  Baska seferde resim cekip yazarim.  Yeni eylenceleri en ustden atlamak.  Bi ripe bagliyorlar ve atliyorsun.  Eger pasaportum zamaninda gelirse atliyacagim demistim, eger birkac haftada yazim durursa, ne oldugunu bilirsiniz, Allah korusun J


  1. Oh, i love LAS VEGAS.

  2. Oh! I want to go LAS VEGAS!!

  3. Oh I want to go to Las Vegas... You lived there?? Must be amazing and so overwhelming! Have a nice weekend!
    Andrea in Fashion