Thursday, August 9, 2012

Las Vegas Tao Pool

So for the past 2 years a pool party explosion has occured in Vegas. Most of the hot clubs have opened up their own pool with cabanas and djs.Personally, i prefer the hotel pool because its always bigger, way less crowded and you can actually swim!
I wish i took a pic of the pool at Tao so you can see the ridiculousness.  People were packed at a tiny little pool and the water was cloudy! Ick!!! Some friends got a cabana (which is an absolute must when you want to hide from the scorching sun, reqs about $1000 or so in food and drink purchases) and here is the view of go go girls.
There was about an equal distribution of girls v guys but the girls way better looking than the drunk guys :(
Tao Pool at the Venetian
DJ for the day 3/10
Food and drinks 4/10
Hotness of the guys 1/10

Las Vegasdaki klublar havuz partisi yapiyor.  Normalde Mayisdan Ekime kadar gunduz havuzda gece klubda party yapiyorlar.  Gunduzleri burasi cok sicak oluyor (belki 45C?) ondan kabana almak sart, onlarida eger $1000 harcarsan alabilirsin.  Havuz minicik, cok fazla insan vardi, su da beyazimsiydi.  Bizim kabanadan gogo kizlarin resimleri....


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