Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hermosa Beach Continued

Continuing on's a lifeguard stand

There is a simple pier which people could look over, if you look closely you can see a shipment ship (is that what they're called?)

They have fabulous little beach houses there, with places to play vball!  The houses range around $1.5m. 
I liked the area but there is a factory right close to the beach.  All the smoke/smog emitting from it can't be healthy.

Burasi Los Angelesda bir plaj, adi Hermosa.  Cok sirin plaj, villalari var ama fiyatlari $1.5 milyondan basliyor :O  Los Angelesda gordugum en gunesli plaj burasiydi.  Plajdan faktoriler gozukuyordu.

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